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Republican Budget Rewards Corporate Badgercare Abusers Press Release 7/22/05 (PDF)

Press Release 6/1/05 - Make WalMart pay their fair share of Health Care event (Madison, WI (PDF)
Wisconsin Citizen Action Joins National Class Action Lawsuit against Drug Company AstraZeneca Over Misleading Nexium® Campaign - 6/14/2005 Press Release (PDF)
Wisconsin Citizen Action Says NO to the Specter/Leahy Asbestos Bail out Bill | Press Release 5/5/05 (PDF)
5/17/05 - At the State Capitol, leaders of Wisconsin Citizen Action and the Wisconsin Academy of Trial Lawyers released a new study called “Justice Capped: Tilting the Scales of Justice Against Injured Patients,  reviewing the impact state’s 10-year old cap on pain and suffering compensation. | see report (PDF)  

Bush Privatization Plan Would Devastate Wisconsin’s Economy - Social Security Privatization Press Release and Study 4/25/05

Wisconsin Citizen Action Praises the Governor’s Budget Priorities on Access to Health Care - Press Release 2/9/2005 PDF
Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund announces new report on how young Wisconsin workers will lose $152k each if Social Security is privatized Press Release 2/23/2005 PDF
Prescription Drug Costs Eating Even More Into Wisconsin’s Personal Budgets, Report Finds - 8/11/2004 PDF
Chippewa Valley Citizens Blast Bush on Health Care Paybacks - 8/18/2004 PDF


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