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4/25/05 GREEN BAY, WI – As the United States Senate Finance Committee prepares to hold hearings on Social Security privatization, Northeast Wisconsin United to Protect Social Security will hold a press conference Monday, April 25th at 4:00 PM to release the Wisconsin State Impact Report about the effect of Social Security privatization on Wisconsin’s economy. The report was prepared by the Institute for America’s Future (####) in cooperation with Christian Weller, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Center for American Progress. Study (PDF)

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When the president talks to America about something as serious as working families' retirement security, we need to hear sound facts and straight talk. But that's not what we heard from President Bush in his State of the Union address

He didn't say working people would end up with lower benefits under Social Security privatization. He didn't talk about the high price working families would pay for privatization—in benefit cuts, new government debt and the potential Enron-ization of America 's most successful family protection program.

Here's what you didn't hear—please share these facts:

  • With private pensions and public employee retirement plans under attack, working families need more retirement security, not less. But privatizing Social Security would make retirement less secure by cutting guaranteed benefits by 30 percent even for workers who do not choose privatized accounts.

  • For workers who do choose to have privatized accounts, the government would take back 50 cents for every $1 in an account—on top of the 30 percent cut in guaranteed benefits.

  • For the average worker who lives 20 years beyond retirement, that's a $152,000 cut in guaranteed benefits. Privatization would push many more seniors into poverty.

  • Privatization would hurt the economy and explode the deficit, passing on $2 trillion in debt to our children during the first decade alone. Most of that money would be borrowed from foreign bankers in China and Japan .

  • Privatization would open Social Security up to corruption, waste and Enron-ization because politicians would hand-pick which Wall Street investment companies could make billions off our privatized accounts. Decisions about Americans' retirement security should be based on what's best for average people, not tied to politicians' wealthy friends or companies that have political influence.

  • We must strengthen Social Security—but we must take the time to do it right so we help rather than hurt working families. We should be talking about commonsense fixes for Social Security rather than slashing benefits. First, we must insist the government pay back money that's been borrowed from the Social Security trust fund. We also could end the "wealthy wage exemption" so CEOs pay the same Social Security taxes on their incomes as average working people pay on theirs. We could roll back President Bush's most excessive tax breaks for the very wealthy. And we can help working families build private pensions and savings on top of guaranteed Social Security.

Americans deserve the Social Security benefits we have paid for—we will not accept a privatization plan that makes retirement less secure. And we will not accept the notion that keeping older Americas out of poverty is not "fiscally sustainable" while tax breaks for millionaires are.

President Bush may have be fuzzy about his plans for Social Security—but he makes it clear that when he talks about fiscal discipline, he means disciplining working families and America's most vulnerable—the children, the poor and people with disabilities—to create and preserve policies that benefit the very rich. He makes it clear that when he talks about an "ownership" society, he really means a "you're on your ownership" society.

Tell your Senators and Congressperson in Washington that you are for keeping the promise of Social Security.  Social Security make need a “fix” but don’t break it while trying to fix it.  President Bush’s privatization scheme just does not make the grade.


A typical 20-year-old Wisconsin worker will lose $152,000 during retirement if the president’s Social Security privatization plan is enacted(PDF)


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