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What is the story on the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights – aka TABOR?

TABOR is a proposed amendment to Wisconsin ’s Constitution that would limit spending by all governments in Wisconsin to a specific formula.  School Boards, city councils, county boards and the state government would be limited in what they spend—and how they raise the money.  If they want to go over the cap, then it must be approved in a referendum.  Sound like a good idea?

What problems will TABOR solve:

Will TABOR strengthen our Communities?

            Effect on communities

Will it expand our opportunities?

            Effect on opportunities

Will it make government more democratic or accountable?

            Effect on accountability

What problems does it solve?

  • Will it make our tax system more fair?   Taxes

  • Will it make government more efficient—can we save money and keep what we like that government does?  Efficiency

Who benefits with TABOR?

TABOR Resources -The Wisconsin Council on Children and Families is opposed to TABOR because of the effect restrictive revenue and spending limits will have on the delivery of critical services and children's well-being in Wisconsin.

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