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Wisconsin Citizen Action believes we need to fundamentally change our health care system to one which provides quality, affordable health care for all. Guaranteeing health coverage to everyone eliminates the need for insurance companies and their administrative and marketing costs which add no value to our health care system. If we replace insurance companies with a system of public financing that uses standardized coverage and claims procedures, we can all choose our own doctors and hospitals and receive comprehensive health care for less money than it costs us now.

Our Health Care System Has Failed Us: Most of Us are One Paycheck Away from Being Uninsured and the Rest of Us are One Emergency Away from Financial Ruin

See the the Action Plan For Affordable Health Care

Fair Share Health Care Campaign
Tens of Thousands of Hard-Working Wisconsin Residents are Left Without Health Coverage. Wal-Mart and other large corporations such as Aurora, Walgreens and McDonalds are failing to provide quality affordable health coverage to their employees, leaving many thousands of hard-working Wisconsin residents without health coverage. ē Wal-Mart and Others are Abusing our Medicaid and Badgercare Programs. Left without health coverage, those employees who qualify are forced onto public health programs like Badgercare, and thus our precious public health care program dollars end up being used to subsidize the profits of big business! These programs were never intended to be used as a subsidy for big, greedy corporations. This is exactly the wrong direction for our health care system. Open Fair Share Health Care Fact Sheet

ROLLING BACK BENEFITS, ROLLING FORWARD COSTS - See the study the shows how large, successful companies are shirking their health care responsibility at Wisconsin's expense
New Numbers Reveal that it Costs Wisconsin Much More Than We Thought:
Wal-Martís profits last year were $10.3 billion. So, why werenít they offering affordable health benefits to their employees?

We recently learned that state taxpayers are providing at least a $1.8 million annual health subsidy to Wal-Mart by providing its workers with BadgerCare, the state Medicaid program that provides health insurance to low income working families with children. Federal taxpayers provide a larger subsidy to Wisconsin Wal-Mart workers and their families. See Press Release | Letter to Senator Schultz and Rep. Gard

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